"The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don't like to do. 

They don't like doing them either necessarily. 

But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose."

 E.M. Gray

*  Do I have full self-control of my mind? of my creativity?   Y E S !


*  Do I make good and accurate decisions quickly... and stick to them?   Y E S !


*  Do I use self-confidence to make my life better and better?   Y E S !


*  Do I always act fearlessly and with absolute certainty?   Y E S !


*  Am I getting BETTER and BETTER day by day in every way?   Y E S !


*  Do I Devote myself to my closest loved one more and more each day?   Y E S !


*  Do I like myself, and do I love to write?   Y E S !


*  Do I love and care for my wonderful body more and more each and every day?   Y E S !


*  Do I Listen more and more carefully to my body and know what is perfect for me in each moment?   Y E S !


*  Will I become more and more Fortunate each day?   Y E S !


*  Does Good Fortune seek me out and always help me and improve my life and my surroundings?   Y E S !


*  Moment by moment, do I choose to be worthy of abundant good luck?   Y E S !


*  How many times must I forgive myself before I allow myself to succeed?!   AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES !


*  Will I BE what I WILL I BE?    Y E S !


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