OF USENET - the Secret Golden

The Newsgroups Of The Internet!

by Scott Andrew Ley
scotty at secretsgolden dot com

You may know a little or a lot about the "World Wide Web". And you might have even mastered the great miracle-like aspects of "Email". But there's a third part of the INTERNET that's still chock full of surprises and secrets... and many of these secrets are GOLDEN!


The name for this large collection of newsgroups is a short form for "User Network". It's a place where computer and Internet users all over the world can share their ideas with each other on a huge range of subjects.

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On USENET, you can have your say. You can agree, or you can argue. You can be more "yourself" on USENET than anywhere else in the world! There on USENET, you can very quickly become a respected authority on the things you love to do. And you can learn more and more about those things, too!

Be prepared for a learning experience, for change, and for people who will challenge your most cherished beliefs and ideas. Since most of USENET is open to the public, to the entire world of computer users with online connections, you will find people there who are ready and willing to question(?) anything and everything!

USENET is the greatest "mirror" on Earth, because it can tell you more about yourself than anything else can!

I've asked people countless times, both on the World Wide Web and in Email and also here locally where I live, if they've ever heard of USENET. And very, very few of them have even heard of this amazing network of people and information! The relatively few people who do know about USENET are sometimes concerned about the tiny amount of "flaming" and "kookiness" that you sometimes hear about. These things are just a very small, dwindling and increasingly unimportant part of what USENET is all about.

USENET is all about communicating your ideas and learning more about them. You can get the points-of-view of people from all walks of life. Almost any and every subject you can possibly be interested in can be found discussed on USENET!

There are many Email readers that also have the ability to access USENET. And there are several free and easy to find programs called "news readers" that can connect you into this awesome and fun User Network. I've been using Outlook Express for more years than I care to remember. Outlook Express can be downloaded for free at this link... OUTLOOK EXPRESS.

So now you can go start learning and sharing all the GOLDEN SECRETS of USENET today!

 Thank You Very Much!


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