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Natural satellites orbit their primary planets directly above
each planet's equator, no matter how much the planet is tilted
(the exceptions are satellites that are captured asteroids). The
Moon's orbit varies as much as 18-23 degrees off the Earth's
equator. All of the major planets orbit the Sun on or very near
the ecliptic plane. That's the flat plane of Earth's orbit around
the Sun. The largest orbital inclination of any major planet is
Mercury's, which is off the ecliptic plane by 7 degrees. The
Moon's orbit around the Sun is off the ecliptic by even less than
Mercury's. Only 5 tiny little degrees separate planet Selene's
orbit around the Earth and the Sun from the ecliptic!...

  "For the Moon, measuring its inclination with respect to
  Earth's equatorial plane leads to a rapidly varying quantity
  and it makes more sense to measure it with respect to the
  ecliptic (i.e. the plane of the orbit that Earth and Moon
  track together around the Sun), a fairly constant quantity."

An incline of five degrees is almost nothing! If you were to
walk up a slope of five degrees, you'd hardly even notice the

Orbital inclination is one of several parameters which can
describe a planet's orbit around the Sun, as well as a
satellite's orbit around a planet. Without exception, when
you see a table of satellite orbital parameters, every one of
the satellites will be listed with an orbital inclination figure
relative to their planet's equator--every one, that is, except
our Selene. The listing for Earth's sister planet, Selene, is
always its inclination off the ecliptic--5 degrees--just like the
listings for all the other major planets in our Solar System.
This is due to the rapidly varying 18-23 degrees of the Moon
off of Earth's equator. And to the fact that the Moon's stable
five degrees off the ecliptic is so much less than that.

It's as if astronomers already "unofficially" recognize that
our Moon is a major planet. They seem to already know that
Selene is long-overdue for official reclassifying back to the
status it possessed for hundreds and thousands of years...

                                  P L A N E T !

                                 Major Planet!

The next and last reason is the best reason--and the most
mysterious! The most important thing the next reason will
show you is that the one ancient Greeks called "Selene",
and the Romans renamed "Luna" (both of them religious
goddesses), Earth's sister planet, the Moon...

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