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                 A Time For ACTION!

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far more near and dear
to us than any other, our very own Milky Way Galaxy,
there were no telescopes on planet Earth.

People who, like us, were interested in the sky had to
get along with only their "naked eyes" to see what's out
there in the sky above.

And way back then, hundreds to thousands of years ago,
people didn't realize that Earth was a major planet like
the other planets in the Solar System.

So people only knew of seven "wanderers" among the
fixed stars. They called them "planets". And they were
what we now call the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter,
Saturn, and the Moon.

And the planet we call "the Moon", the ancients called
"planet Selene".

For hundreds and thousands of years, Selene was seen
as, thought about as, and without question considered to
be, a PLANET.

Now we know that the Moon actually IS a planet, not just
a mere satellite of Earth, but a full-fledged major planet
in its own right!

So it is time NOW to return the official status of "planet"
back to our sister Selene. It's time NOW to "officially"
recognize that the ancient Greeks were right on when it
came to seeing the Moon as "planet Selene".

So even though it isn't "official" yet, we still have NINE
major planets in our Solar System! And they are...


and this includes Earth's rare, mysterious and beautiful
sister planet...

   planet  S E L E N E

Okay, i'm done for now. You now know all the reasons i
know that are evidence that the Moon is a major planet,
not just a satellite of Earth. So you decide. Maybe you
can even think of more reasons?

For the readers of alt.astronomy who are in school and
discovering new things about the Cosmos in class...

You probably already know one or three memory aids to
help you remember the names and positions of the major
planets in the Sun's huge Solar System. Here is a memory
aid that i made up to help fly us into the future. Since i
sincerely hope that astronomers will come around and
make planet Selene's classification as a major planet
official, this memory aid includes the first letter of planet

M ake ......... Mercury
V ery .......... Venus
E xtra ......... Earth
S pecial ....... Selene
M oments .... Mars
J ump ......... Jupiter
S tart ......... Saturn
U ............... Uranus
N ow .......... Neptune

Make Very Extra Special Moments Jump Start U Now!

This is just a quick aid to help you 1) remember the
names of the planets, and 2) remind you that any time
you're feeling down or sluggish, just remember one of
the moments in your life that you felt really good. And
dwell on that moment to let it bring your thoughts and
feelings back up to where you really want them to be!

G O   F O R   I T !

happy days and...
    starry starry nights!

Indelibly yours,

 P.S. Thank YOU for reading!

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