- the Secret Golden

by Scott Ley
scotty at secretsgolden dot com

This SECRET GOLDEN is not a "lesson" you will have to "learn". In this brief reading you will only be "reminded" of something that we all learned a long time ago. You will be reminded how to make your fotons soar!

As this reading progresses, you will remember what a foton is, what your fotons are. Here is how to make your fotons fly:

  • First, it is important for you to know how to relax. Do you remember how to do that? Sit down in a comfy chair. Don't get too comfy, though; keep good posture, and please don't slump. Now close your eyes and focus on each breath. One thing I know you do remember is that you can control each breath. Just now, though, don't control your breaths. Let your miracle of a body allow each breath come in and go out at its own natural rhythm. Just be an observer and focus on this natural breath rhythm; breathe in and out. Soon, when you are sharply focused on each breath, in and out, begin to take control of each breath. Breathe a little more deeply and slowly. Stay focused on each breath, and breathe more deeply and slowly, until you feel that your breaths are so deep and so slow that you can't even hear yourself breathe. Continue to breathe like this for four deep, long breaths, then slowly let your breaths return to their normal, natural rhythm. Stay focused on each breath.

  • By now, you might already be more relaxed than you've felt for a long time. If you feel you want or need to be more relaxed, there are several ways. My favorite is covered in the golden secret of relaxation. I'll briefly describe it here: When your breaths' rhythm returns to normal and natural, begin to focus on your body, and begin with your feet and toes. You can control the "tension" in your feet by "flexing" your feet muscles. When you flex your muscles, they tighten, then RELAX those feet muscles. Flex your feet muscles again, then relax. Flex, then relax. Do this three or four times for each section of your body. Work your way up your body. Next, flex and relax your legs, then your hips and behind. Each section gets three or four tight-flex then loose-relax FOCUSED actions. Next, focus this flex and relax action on your waist area, then your upper body. Then do your arms, and especially your hands. Hands are very special because they do so much for us. Flex and relax your hand muscles at least four times. One or two more times is even better! Now flex and relax your neck area, then your head and face areas. Tighten your facial muscles, scrunch them up like when you make funny faces for the children to make them laugh and giggle. Then relax. Do this for your beautiful or handsome face at least four times. When done, return to your breaths and focus. Focus again on the natural rhythm of each breath you take.

  • Are you now ready to fly? to make your fotons soar? Yes, you are ready. Keep yourself relaxed, though. You might wonder if you have ever felt this relaxed before. The answer is "yes", long ago, long before you learned how to stay so tensed up and unrelaxed. So now it is time for you to remember how to fly...

  • If you are reading this before you do this for the first time, before you actually begin to relax, which I do recommend, then think of the text that follows as a "flight of the imagination". That is how it will feel at first, when you begin to actually focus on your breaths and first relax your body. You will feel like you are flying for the first time in a very long time. And you will feel as if you are imagining it. Feel your relaxed body float slowly upward, as if you're in a large, transparent bubble. You have floated before, and you know how it feels to float. Slowly rise, float up toward the ceiling; you can "see" yourself do this. When you reach the ceiling, continue to float up through the ceiling. Float up through the roof of your building. You can see the sky. Slowly roll over and look down.

    Here is where some of us get bogged down. Remember that "the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek"! If you feel fearful about heights and about the flight of your fotons, remember that long ago you did this almost all the time. So stay relaxed and continue to try to float up out of your physical body. Perhaps you will find that if you roll over and look down right away, before you get as high as the ceiling of the room, it will be easier. Then each time you stop and come back to this later, you will see that it grows easier and easier. You will be able to float higher and higher, above the ceiling, above the roof and into the sky overhead.

  • It is important for you to remember that, while at first you will feel that the flight of your fotons is imaginary, the flight is actually real. A very real part of you floats upward out of your physical body and into the air. There are some who call this the "spirit", some call it the "soul", and others refer to this as "astral projection" of your "self". I like to call the part of us that rises our "fotons". Whatever it's called, however you refer to it, the first time you do this it probably won't feel real. And each time you do this you will feel more natural and normal about this very real part of yourself. Eventually, this will all come back to you from a memory deep inside you. And you will often surprise yourself as you experiment with this other "lighter" side of yourself.

    Thank you for reading, and I sincerely hope that you will not let fear keep you from at least giving this a try. If nothing else, even if you never go beyond feeling that it is all imaginary, this one exercise can make you feel better, more relaxed and in control of yourself than ever before! Feel free to email me...

    scotty at secretsgolden dot com

    ...and tell me the details about your own Flight of your Fotons.

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