A Brief (and Faultless?) Layman's Analysis
by Paine Ellsworth (Painius)

 bunches of red orbs

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To begin, here is an image of Mars, "the angry red planet" --
 The Angry Red Planet?

 Angry Red Globe
Here's a globe ^^^^ of the planet Mars.

 The Cydonia Region of Mars
Focusing in on Mars above, we depict the zone in question: The Cydonia Region -- you can see the "FACE" in the upper right corner of the photo. Richard C. Hoagland believes that some of the other surface structures are also artifactual, such as pyramids and openings into deep caverns. Hoagland thinks these caverns may be inhabited (or were past inhabited) by intelligent beings.

 The old Viking mission image
Above we have a closeup of the classic Viking mission image of the face from the 1970s.

 Image from previous mission
The image above is from a mission several months ago.

 Most recent image
This one, ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ is the most recent image of the face on Mars.

And here are the three images together, side by side.
 Old Viking mission image  Previous mission repositioned  Most recent repositioned
I have flipped the two more recent pics (center and right) to be better able to compare the three images.

If we look closely at the three images, we find that the perspectives of the cameras in the last two are very different from the first image.  It appears as if the last two photos enhance the RIGHT side of the mesa, the side that is obscured in the old Viking photo.  Also, we see that the left side of the mesa seems to be obscured in both of the later photos.  In the center image, it looks like a huge dust cloud covers the left side, the side that in the Viking photo shows up more clearly.  And in the image on the right above, there is a brighter area that runs from top to bottom through the image.  This area of vague brightness goes over the left side of the mesa and obscures it.  So in my opinion, neither of the two images (center and right) shed much light on Dr. Hoagland's premise.  And this issue can only be resolved by sending a manned mission to Mars.

Now I, of course, have absolutely no reason to be biased on this issue one way or the other.  Unless we count the fact that I own an issue of those neat Sierra Leone stamps (in minty perfect condition, I might add), but who's counting?  <grin>.

And NO, so sorry -- they are NOT for sale.

You see, if evidence of intelligent life, and perhaps of our ancestry dating back to a Martian history, is discovered at some point in the future, these stamps are going to be worth a hekuva lot of green.  If this happens in my lifetime, more's the better!  And if life on Mars is discovered after I'm gone, my fabulously awesome heirs will then benefit.

Squick your mouse on this image for a better look --
 Sierra Leone 'Face on Mars' stamp issue -- cover image

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