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Sometimes... We Need to be Reminded How to Relax

by Scott Andrew Ley
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You've probably heard it all before--"Relaxing is good for you", it "helps relieve tension and stress", relaxing can even "extend your life", and "help you enjoy a high-quality lifestyle".


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Now, do you really know HOW to relax? Most of my friends and neighbors didn't, not really. And I suspect that most people in the world are this way. They really don't know (or they don't remember) HOW to rest and relax.

For you to reach a deep level of relaxing, that level that's truly restful and tension relieving, that actually is "good for you", there's a Secret Golden way of getting there. And it's easy as falling off a log!

Once when I was overseas, I had the misfortune of coming into contact with a rabid dog. So I had to take the one-shot-a-day-for-14-days rabies treatment. Fun-fun-fun! Most places you go, you are given these shots in the stomach, because the stomach is where rabies attacks first. The place where I was staying gave me the rabies shots in the arms and legs.

Okay, so I've always taken shots in the arm easily. This is thanks to a wise nurse who gave me my very first shot (that I can remember) back when I was in first grade. She distracted me by pointing to a colorful picture on the wall. I relaxed immediately, and I didn't feel a thing! The nurse said, "You're done," and I said, "Huh?" I really hadn't felt anything.

But that shot was in the arm. And the first two rabies shots I got on the first and second days were in the arms, too. No problemo. The third day, when I got a shot in my leg for the very first time, it was very very different.

I had never taken a shot in my leg before. And on the third day my left leg became "the victim". My leg muscles tensed up automatically when I saw that needle coming. That was a huge mistake! After the shot, that area on my leg began to redden, blister and burn.

Then I remembered the golden secret of relaxing!

It's almost never too late to learn or to remember a secret golden. The next day, I applied the secret while I got the 4th rabies shot in my right leg. There was NO reddening, NO blistering, NO burning. In fact, within just a few minutes, I couldn't even tell where the shot had been given to me! I glanced back over to my left leg almost in disbelief. My left leg was still blistered, red and burned like heck from the day before! And it stayed like that for several more days. My right leg? Totally PAIN FREE!

How did I do it? What could I have done to make such a dramatic and profound difference? Here's the Secret Golden...

Just before the nurse gave me the shot in my right leg on the 4th day, I consciously tensed, yes, tensed my leg muscles. Then I just as consciously relaxed the leg muscles. I did this slowly three or four times... first tense, and then relax again, tense up, then relax. Each time I relaxed, my leg became even more relaxed, more "loose". By the time the nurse gave me the shot, my right leg was very relaxed.

Each time you practice this it gets easier and easier. And the more you do it, the more deeply relaxed you'll feel. This one golden secret will do wonders for how you deal with the stresses of your daily life!

Just before you go to sleep, and first thing in the morning before you get up out of bed, you can take a few seconds to apply this golden secret of relaxing. Take two or three slow deep breaths, and then start with your feet and legs, tensing and relaxing a time or two. Then tense and relax your thighs, your waist, and right on up your chest, out your arms to your hands and fingers, then your neck and face, tense then relax. You can do this almost anyplace and anytime. And as you saw earlier, you can even do "local" tensing and relaxing when you need to, like I did with my right leg just before I received the rabies shot.

A good friend of mine had a minor stroke last year. He recovered well in most ways, but the right side of his face sagged very noticably. This friend of mine came to me feeling very down, very depressed. He was unable to work or even to apply for a job, because even though he felt okay, he was self-concious about his face. After I let him in on my Golden Secret of relaxing, he told me he felt much better by the second day. About two weeks later, my friend's face was almost back to normal. The tiny bit of sagging of his face was barely noticable. And today he's completely back to normal!

One great side effect of this secret golden, tensing then relaxing, is that your general level of calmness and "even thinking" will improve greatly, and very quickly! There is nothing like a good, relaxing rest to "charge your battery" and to get you ready for... whatever it is you want to do! Here's hoping you enjoy many, many years of good, relaxing and bountiful times!

 Thank You Very Much!




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