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by Scott Andrew Ley
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This little "goldie" can save you hours, even weeks, of irritation, trouble and frustration!

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All over the United States and the world, traffic light trippers are being "upgraded", and very few people know about it. The new trippers are being installed with a "twist"...

First, what exactly do I mean by a "traffic light tripper"? You'll remember that sometimes when you approach a red traffic light, it stays red until you get to it. And then it turns green because you've "tripped" the traffic light. The device that's installed that your vehicle causes to trip the traffic light to green for you is the device that I'm calling a "traffic light tripper".

The Old Way

So there you are, driving on a side road and coming up to a main highway with a traffic light. This traffic light stays green for the main highway until someone, like yourself for instance, drives up to it from the side road. And for you, the traffic light will remain red until you "trip" it.

Usually, these traffic light trippers are buried in the road just before the intersection and/or the wide white line. Most people pass over the tripper, come to a stop at the edge of the crossroad AFTER the tripper (not on top of the tripper), and wait a few seconds for the traffic light to turn green. Even though the tripper is placed about one car length back from the edge of the intersection, the OLD tripper would still change the traffic light from red to green for you.

So you drive over and past the tripper, then you stop with the nose of your car right on the edge of the crossroad. It never used to matter because in a few seconds the light always used to turn to green for you. And you were quickly on your way.

The New Way

And now, there you are again, driving on that side road and coming up to that same main highway with a traffic light. But without checking with you, without asking you or even letting you know about it, the authorities have replaced the old traffic light tripper with a new and very different type of tripping device.

This new tripper has what is called a "time delay" in it. And this means that if you slowly roll over and go past the tripper, and you stop with your nose right at the edge of the crossroad, your car is not directly over the tripper, and the traffic light will not turn green for you.

I've seen people handle this in different ways. A few drivers just get "antsy", look around carefully for law enforcement, and then they run the red light. This is not dangerous, usually. But we can all imagine just how aggravating it can be if a law officer does see you run the red light. You get a traffic citation (ticket), and you have to pay a fine with your hard earned cash. You maybe even have to go to court to spend some of your important and precious time trying to convince a judge that it's "just not fair". Good luck with that!

A few other people, after waiting patiently for a time, seem to think that maybe the tripper didn't work the first time they crossed it. So they shift their car into REVERSE gear and back up over the tripper. If one is cautious, this can be okay. But sometimes another car might "sneak up on you" behind you, and a minor CRASH!, a "fender bender" dishes out days or weeks of trouble, aggravation and hassle after hassle.

Believe it or not, most people I've seen just stay put. They wait and wait for the red light to turn to green. Perhaps another car comes up behind you and, forced to stop directly over the tripper behind you, the second car stays on top of the tripper long enough to trip the time-delay device, and changes the traffic light to green for you. Or sometimes maybe a car will come from the opposite direction, stop right on top of the tripper, and trip the traffic light for you.

You do not have to be troubled or feel frustrated by these new traffic light trippers. No traffic tickets for running a red light, no fender- benders for backing up into a sneaky car. All you have to do is just stop your car about one car length back from the light. When the new traffic light tripper's time delay (about 5-7 seconds) has passed, then the light will automatically turn green for you. And you'll once again be quickly on your way!

Thank you very much for reading this Secret Golden! Here's hoping it saves you tons of trouble and speeds you quickly and safely on your way!

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