Continuous Big Bang (CBB) Universe

(Sketches in photonegative)

Our visible cosmos or 'known universe' occupies the sphere (1.) embedded in the larger, toroid shaped Process. The "lensed" blowups show the Local supercluster field (2.) and the Local galactic group (3.) with our Milky Way galaxy at center.
The Primal Particle 'Engine' (PP) is a hypermassive black hole that continuously ingests the old, spent creation thru its poles while simultaneously exploding brand new creation out its spinning equator, the 'Bang' point.
The sphere of our visible cosmos, now decoupled from the 'Bang' point, is adrift in the Process, wending its way toward the Contraction phase and eventually the Implosion phase and final immolation in the Big Crunch.

The model fully accomodates the Expanding, Contracting, and Implosion phases, each running perpetually at its respective station on the cycle. It does not negate the 'singular BB' idea, but subsumes it into the larger, overarching whole.

Gordon Wolter, circa 1990

Wolter outside his apartment building, about 1980

With a whale skull, N. of Bodega Bay CA

Due for a haircut..

"The fact that there is NO PERCEPTIBLE UPPER LIMIT TO THE AMPLITUDE OF ENERGY TRASMSMISSIBLE BY EM RADIATION testifies to a carrier medium of even greater energy density than the most energetic wave it carries."

This is the fundamental maxim from which the CBB model nucleated.

With this as the starting point, ANYONE can ultimately deduce the true nature of space. The long-sought "wild card" in physics, the unification of gravity, comes as a spinoff, an unsolicited by-product. Likewise comes conciliation of QM and relativity.

All of physical existance, all the fundamental forces, will be recognized as reducible to One Flow, driven by One Force, in the Unified Field of Spatial Flows.

Just as a century ago, E=mc² was an expression of the energy density of matter, today "E=mc³" can be a fanciful expression of the sub-Planck-wavelength energy density of space itself, the "pneuma" of our age.


Where the current scientific mainstream is an edifice of _descriptions of effects_, the expanded model MUST deal in _explanations of causation_. The current paradigm very succinctly and predictably describes the shadows while rejecting and institutionally denying That which casts the shadows.

This is definitely not going to be a thesis on religion or theology, but a bit of Gordon Wolter's Mormon background is in order. At 14, he was excommunicated from the Mormon church for refusing to recant a heresy. That "heresy" was the statement that God can be perceived directly without need for an intermediary, meaning the church hierarchy. This was the first inkling of the cosmology he was to formulate later, after a stint in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam war.

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